Please fill out the form to register on our website. It is absolutely free.

  1. What is the price of my registration?

    You register on our web site for free. A profile will be created for you. The profile remains active until you decide to delete it. You only pay when we work for you.

  2. How quickly will my profile appear on the site?

    The questionnaire becomes active from the moment of its verification. You receive a notification to your email.

  3. Do I have to fill in all the fields?

    All fields of this form are required, except for the promo code (last field)

  4. When can I start making dating requests?

    You can start making acquaintance requests or give gifts as soon as your profile becomes active and it`s free.

  5. Is my profile anonymous?

    Yes. Your data can be seen only by you, the administrator and the women whom you made a dating request.

  6. What are the requirements for my photos?

    Photos must meet the following requirements: from 400x300 px and above. Photos of poor quality are not accepted.

  7. Why should I add a copy of my passport in my application?

    A copy of the passport is needed to authenticate your identity.

  8. Can I completely remove all of my data from the site?

    Yes! You need to write us an email, and we will delete all your data.