Name: Kateryna
Country: Ukraine
Years: 40
Height (cm): 174.00
Weight (kg): 63.00
Marital status: Not married
Children: One
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Dark brown hair
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Hobbies: massage
Interests: reciprocity
Languages: Italian
Foreign passport: Available
Job: IT
Religion: faith
Junk habits: I rarely drink in companies
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Perfect man:
I am a little introvert. I love coziness, comfort, inner balance. Attention and care are very important for me. I prefer to rest in nature, especially near the water. For me, family values ​​come first. Home comfort and taking care of children is more mine than a career, even though I work. He must be wise, sympathetic, not categorical and sensitive, love children. Appearance does not matter much. He should be smart, stable and friendly. His age should be about 40 (+ -3) years. With good taste. He can be with children. Honest and responsible person with whom it is comfortable and calm.

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